Interested to be part of the network's team?

This information was created to assist the new applicants and interested people to serve or be part of the team.

Excited to know or learn the things that we need from you?

1. Be an Active support to the network even if you are not an official yet.

2. We all know that we just shift from undernet like to Dalnet like services which is using the ChanServ/NickServ channel services and more..

3. You will be needed to assist the users with basic commands of the channel services help them setup their own nickname or channel.

4. Always join the network everyday and maybe help us advertise the network to other large network so people will know that we exists.

Send your information together with the questions below and your answers:

1. What is Your Fullname and Nick that you use on the network?

2. Give me a Reason Why you want to be part of the team?

3. What can you do to help the network?

4. How long have you been as a irc user and on what channel and Network do you stay?

5. How many hours do you stay on a network?

6. How did you know about this Network?

Please send the details to one of the Admin email addresses listed below.

If you think you can do our requirements fell free to email us in one of the email addresses below: